Saturday, December 31, 2011

A friendly reminder

Remember kids
If the M&M guys are doing it, why aren't you?

Anybody got the munchies?

Have you ever seen kush so beautiful you just want to eat it? I present to you candy for adults ladies and gentlemen.
Cotton Candy on a Plant

Taste the kush

A fresh box of beautiful trees. Ready to be packed, smoked, and enjoyed.
Happy New Year

A Dream to Remember

Blue dream. I remember it through a hazy memory. Steven invited me James, and Brian into his Honda with leather interior. He had a blue steering wheel. I pull out my money and we exchange goods. A twenty sack from this guy was always good. He packed a bowl and we passed it around after our hits. My heart was racing. I had a grin on my face. My friends in the back were quiet, but Steven and I had talks about the strain. I had never smoked it before. I felt a high that I hadn't felt before. It was most enjoyable. My head felt like a pillow, and my body felt relaxed. Now I know what it feels like to be an angel. Good thing I was flying high. Just one of my other stories. Follow me and I'll fill your pretty little minds with beautiful pictures, and stories of weed.

How do you like it?

Inhaled? Eaten? Drank? I like smoking myself. Cigarettes and marijuana. I know that there are health issues that come with smoking both marijuana and cigarettes, but I really don't care. Call me self destructive or whatever. I get enough of it from my family. They dislike my lifestyle completely.  It's what I like to do though.  My personal favorite pack is.

Round two

Round two. Are you relaxed yet? Time to let go. What do you know about yourself? How do you define yourself? I define myself by my actions. I'm perfectly fine with my life. I have my lifestyle, and you have yours. I just simply want to share mine with you. I'd like a nice cold night and a cigarette. All I'm thinking about is Mary Jane. Remember kids, drugs are awesome. How does it feel when you get high you wonder? Here's a little chart Wikipedia provides.
Bodily Effects of Cannabis

The Beginning

I'm sitting here in a plastic chair listening to Lil Wayne. My watch ticks away the seconds. I'm an eighteen year old ginger Californian. I come from a middle class family. I like drugs. I'll say that much in my first real post. I'd rather get fucked up than go to church. I love all kinds of drugs. Depressants, stimulants,  cannabinoids, amphetamines, anything that gets me to a rush and above. I'd rather live life rushing through it on drugs, than trying to be a perfect little person. There's no fun in just not doing drugs. I seriously recommend them if your life is boring. Get some Mary Jane and light up,  because we're in for a long ride. 
Grand Daddy Purp